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Forty years ago, Oregon was a remote state few people knew about. Now it's one of the most famous Pinot Noir producing regions in the world. How did this radical change happen? And is there more to Oregon than Pinot Noir?


Jura is the smallest of France's wine regions, but one that is very fashionable due to its unique styles of wine. It also provides a great alternative to nearby Burgundy, another reason people are so attracted to it.

Pinot Noir

Matthew's World of Wine and Drink is an educational podcast dedicated to teaching you all about the world of wine - different styles, regions, grape varieties, and its history and culture. It's designed for students taking wine courses such as the WSET, as well as the wine enthusiast. This episode focuses on one of the great grape varieties, Pinot Noir, and the different regions around the world it's grown in.