Port Grape Varieties

With over 80 grape varieties allowed for port production, the wine is always a blend, combining the colour, acidity, alcohol, body, flavour profile, and, of course, quality of the many varieties. This episode focuses on the six most important, as well as the highest-quality variety for white port.

Port: the Douro

The Douro is famous for its historic steep terraced slopes but modernisation over the last forty years have seen changes in how and where the grapes have been planted. Learn more about this hot, inhospitable, yet beautiful and world-class wine region.

Sherry Production

Although the vineyard plays an important role in sherry, the varied styles are a result of what happens in the winery. Learn how production methods - from fortification to ageing - affect the styles of fino, manzanilla, amontillado, oloroso, and palo cortado.

Fortified Wine Overview

Explore the world of fortified wine, from sherry to Rutherglen Muscat, through Matthew's World of Wine and Drink. The episodes are particularly focused on students preparing for Unit 6 of the WSET Diploma, but anyone enthusiastic about wonderful world of fortified wine. The first episode gives an overview into fortification and the history of fortified wine.