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Sweet Wines

Some of the greatest wines of the world are sweet, made in historic regions such as Sauternes, Tokaj, or Germany. There are lots of different ways of making a wine sweet, some of them simple, some of them complex and expensive. This episode explores the many different styles of sweet wine and the regions in which they are made.

South-West France

South-West France is one of the most historic wine-producing regions of France, but it's been overshadowed internationally by Bordeaux. There are plenty of high-quality, good-value, and distinctive wines to be found - definitely a region worth seeking out. Learn more about the different, individual appellations in this episode.


France's largest wine region, Languedoc is re-inventing itself, with a greater emphasis on quality than ever before. Learn about the different appellations and styles of wine in this good-value, underrated region.


Alsace is one of the more unusual wine regions in France, because of its historic German connections. It produces aromatic, ageworthy white wine from a variety of grapes, the best of which is Riesling. This episode focuses on what makes Alsace so distinctive and special.

Southern Rhône

The southern Rhône has a much wider variety of grapes than the northern Rhône. The main grape is Grenache, but the wines are usually blends with Syrah and Mourvèdre playing an important part. Add whites and rosés to the mix and the southern Rhône produces an exciting diversity of wines.

Pinot Noir

Matthew's World of Wine and Drink is an educational podcast dedicated to teaching you all about the world of wine - different styles, regions, grape varieties, and its history and culture. It's designed for students taking wine courses such as the WSET, as well as the wine enthusiast. This episode focuses on one of the great grape varieties, Pinot Noir, and the different regions around the world it's grown in.


Terroir is a nebulous and often controversial concept, but it's integral to understanding the subtle variations in styles of wine. Find out how terroir varies from region to region in France and the rest of the world.