Hardy Wallace of Dirty & Rowdy on Mourvèdre

Mourvèdre is one of the great Mediterranean grapes, but it's often neglected as the third and least important of the GSM varieties. However, there's much more to it than that. In this episode, I talk to Hardy Wallace of Dirty & Rowdy, a California producer that's become known for their single-varietal, single-vineyard wines from Mourvèdre. Hardy discusses what Mourvèdre is like to work with in the vineyard, why he thinks it's the ultimate expression of California, and why it's capable of making such varied wines.

Interview with Eric Lyman (I) - The Process

First of a series of interviews with a custom crush winemaker from Napa Valley. In this first episode, we explore how he approaches the practicalities of winemaking, especially when dealing with different customers' needs and expectations - an approach he says is all about "process." A fascinating insight into everything a winemaker does behind the scenes.


Viticulture in Romania dates back to the 7th century BC, and the country has a rich tradition with many indigenous grape varieties. However, only 11% of wine is exported and Romanian wine is little known outside the country. Romania has the potential to expand abroad, as the wines are improving and are good value. So learn about this very varied country before the wines become better known!

North Africa

North African countries may not be known for their wine, but they have a long and important wine-producing history - and currently make a small but interesting amount of quality wine.

Eastern Mediterranean

The culture of winemaking in the Eastern Mediterranean goes back thousands of years, although it's only in the last thirty years that quality has begun to slowly re-emerge. This episode focuses on the culture of winemaking in Turkey, Israel, and Lebanon, and the challenges those countries face.


What impact do soils have on the taste of wine? Is there a direct correlation between soil type and flavour profile? Why do wines from vines grown on limestone soils taste differently from those grown on slate? I discuss all these questions and more in the latest episode of my podcast!


Greek winemaking (and drinking) goes all way back to Ancient Greece, but after centuries of neglect it's only in recent decades that the country has once again begun to make high-quality wine. Despite economic challenges and the difficulty of marketing unfamiliar varieties and regions, there are Greek producers determined to make great wine. Learn about the varieties and regions in this episode so you can go and check out some of the fantastic - and fantastic value - wines being made.

New Zealand (I)

New Zealand is the youngest of the major wine-producing countries, but it has quickly become famous for its characteristic style of Sauvignon Blanc. The industry is now at a crossroads, drawing on its success to become more diverse. This episode looks at the history of New Zealand and the different grape varieties - not just Sauvignon Blanc.

Western Australia

A quick look at one of the world's newest, largest, and most isolated wine regions, Western Australia. In a short space of time, Margaret River has become famous for exceptional wine from Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, with Frankland River and Mt. Barker following suit, especially for Riesling and Shiraz.

South Australia

South Australia accounts for 50% of Australian wine production, and includes some of the country's most historic and important regions: Barossa, Eden, and Clare Valleys, McLaren Vale, and Coonawarra. Quality is high, although there's also a lot of basic multi-regional blends as well. This episode explores the different areas, styles, and quality levels of wine made in this great wine region.

Victoria and Tasmania

Back in the nineteenth century, Victoria was the most important state for wine production. Phylloxera hurt the industry badly, but it's now re-emerging as one of Australia's most significant and diverse regions. This episode looks at the many different styles of wine made in Victoria, as well as the island of Tasmania which is the focus for new trends in Australian wine.

South Africa

South Africa has a long history of wine production, although it's only in the last twenty-five years, after a very difficult twentieth-century, that it has emerged as an important player in the international wine scene. This episode explores the country's wine history, as well as two of its most important grapes, Chenin Blanc and Pinotage.