Meursault is a village in the heart of Côte de Beaune famous for producing rich, opulent wines. But things are changing as I found out at a tasting - the wines now are designed to be more expressive of the part of the village they come from.


Cava is known for being simple and inexpensive, but producers are finally beginning to think about making more expressive, structured wines. I learnt about the new Paraje designation, created with the aim of improving the quality and reputation of cava.


Think cider is cheap and sweet? Think again! The growing craft cider movement is drawing on the historic traditions of cider to create drinks that are dry, sophisticated, and unique.

Paso Robles Revisited

Paso Robles is one of my favourite California regions, producing Rhône-style wines as well as Petite Sirah and Zinfandel. A revisit to the area introduced me to some new producers, and confirmed the quality of the wines being made there.


Montilla-Moriles, 150km inland from sherry, is best known for providing Pedro Ximénez grapes for intensely sweet styles of sherry. But I discovered the region produces remarkable wines in its own right.

The Terroir of Sherry

Terroir usually refers to where the grapes are grown and how the land and the climate affect the style of wine. That's true in sherry, but the terroir is also about where and how the wines are aged. No other wine quite reflects the subtle variants in how it's been made.


Champagne is one of the iconic wines of the world. But why is it sparkling? Why is it made like it is? My recent trip to the region gave an insight into the history of style of champagne, which is much imitated but rarely replicated.

WSET Sake Level 1

Sake is an historic Japanese drink, made for the last two thousand years. The WSET Level 1 in sake gave me an introduction to the many different styles of this fascinating drink.

Fortified Wine Overview

Explore the world of fortified wine, from sherry to Rutherglen Muscat, through Matthew's World of Wine and Drink. The episodes are particularly focused on students preparing for Unit 6 of the WSET Diploma, but anyone enthusiastic about wonderful world of fortified wine. The first episode gives an overview into fortification and the history of fortified wine.